Tips For Android Rooting

  Already a lot of tutorials are available on the web about android rooting. There are many programmes like SuperOneClick , and GingerBreak are also available on the web for rooting almost any android phone. I thought it’s better to publish a post on tips about android rooting instead of guide to android rooting.

  Android OS’s are the talk of the town these days, and so android rooting. As we have already posted an article about android rooting so i think no need to repeat the whole things again here. Here are a few tips about android rooting which you must read before rooting your android.

  • Read the guide or tutorials very carefully before starting the process of rooting. There are many video tutorials are also available on web, i have seen one such tutorial at Lifehacker, and i think Lifehacker has the best tutorials about android rooting. There are many steps during the process which require extreme attention and care otherwise you may brick your phone.
  • Be very phone specific, if you owns an android tablet then you must look for rooting process for your tablet device, as rooting process varies model to model.
  • If you have any doubt during the process you can search for the help. There are many forums available on the web like, which can help you a lot. On these forums you can find answers and solutions to your questions and problems.
  • Never start up the process before charging your device through the neck.  One of the most devastating things that can go wrong while in root mode is running out of battery midway through installing a custom OS or ROM (read-only memory, or the phone’s internal memory where your apps are stored). If your android device battery dies before the custom ROM installation then it’s very difficult to repair and restore the device.
  • And last but not least , you must know the procedure about how to unroot your device. Almost on all android devices the rooting is reversible. You must know the process as rooting may void your phone’s warranty, you’ll have to revoke the root access anytime you need to take your phone in for service. 

With these tips in mind, if you want to root your android device then you can search the web, and you will get thousands of tutorials for rooting. If you are looking for my choice of best tutorials on rooting then you must visit Lifehacker’s guide for android rooting, and for any kind of help the forum of my choice is, and we are also here for help you in rootings, questions and suggestion are always welcome.