Windows 8 Consumer Preview

   Microsoft has released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, and it can be downloaded from Microsoft websites. When you click on download link a small set will starts downloading, dont panic, this Setup will check to see if your PC can run Windows 8 Consumer Preview and select the right download.  Set up also contains an inbuilt download manager using which you can start, stop, pause or resume the download, once downloaded you can choose when and how to install it. apart from that if you want you can directly download the iso image of the OS which can be burnt in a DVD subsequently to install on your PC. If you are not sure which version is compatible to your PC ie. 32-bit or 64-bit, or which version you need to install then i recommend you to go through the setup as it automatically check which version is right for your PC and select the optimized download (makes download upto 25% smaller as mentioned on Microsoft website).

     As it is just a prerelease software so you will see subsequent changes and modification in the final release of the OS. And just to inform you guys, Windows 8 Consumer Preview comes with absolutely no warranty, and if you want to go back to your previous OS, then you need to reinstall it using recovery or installation tools of your original OS.


To download Windows 8 Consumer Preview go to Microsoft’s website or CLICK HERE.