How To Track Your Kids Phone Usage


 Mobile usage in the kids especially teens has become rampant and quite necessary in this modern era. With the entry of smart phones, which allow using any internet application on the move, kids are glued to their smart phones. Just as there are two sides of a coin, similarly there are both good as well as bad effects of using smart phones by kids. The advantage is that parents can stay connected with their kids at all times. However improper use by kids of internet on social networking sites has caused lots of agony to parents. Children get into wrong company through unknown contacts. Endless hours of talking and texting reduce their study time. Cyber bullying is on the rise. Children unknowingly fall victims to such an abuse. This cyber abuse would lead them into psychological depression which would badly affect their career. To protect children from the negative effects of techno advancements it is highly necessary for parents to monitor their child’s mobile phone usage.

  This is where mobile monitoring applications come into the picture. It allows the parent to offer the Smartphone to kids, but at the same time monitor the kid’s activities as well. This application helps the parent to know if the kid is using the cell phone for good purpose or bad, and take the necessary precautions accordingly. Most cell phone monitoring applications include advanced surveillance tools which are needed to protect the children from potential threats making it the right and safe choice for parents.  Some of the currently available parental monitoring applications include Mobile Spy, Mobistealth, and Flexi Spy to name a few popular spywares. Some of the features are:

Pinpoint your child’s location.

  The mobile monitoring applications have a GPS tracking device, making it easy to trace the child’s location. This feature is very useful in the unfortunate circumstance of the child being lost or kidnapped.

Ease of installation

  These monitoring applications are quite easy to install. Firstly, physical access to the phone on which the monitoring spyware is to be installed is required. Then the application can be installed by following the instructions which takes not more than 10 minutes. The phone has to be restarted to complete the installation procedure.

Discreet transfer of data

  Once the installation is completely done, the software will start transferring data from the cell phone to the user account. The user can then access from any remote location and view the data. The best part about these monitoring applications is that they are totally undetectable by the target phone user

Maintaining call log

  The call log feature in the mobile monitoring software enables the parent to extract details regarding the incoming and outgoing calls, the time and duration of those calls and also the recording of such calls.

Prevent access to restricted websites

  Smart phones enable children to access the websites. The installation of the monitoring software on the phone also helps to know if the child is visiting any prohibited sites and viewing inappropriate material unsuitable for his/her age.

 The cell phone spy applications come in handy for parents to ensure the safety of their child, while at the same time affording the freedom to children. Mobile Spy is top rated monitoring software which is being used by many parents to monitor their kids. They are experts in the field with long proven standing and are continually upgrading their software to keep in tune with the technological advancements and social behavior.

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