Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free

   education I strongly believe that education is something which only can learn by yourself. Nobody can teach you what you don’t want to learn. Here at Livetricks we always believe in free and open web. This article is one in the series or free and open web. A lot of websites are out there which provide very good resources for self education. Even there are some which gives free certifications as well. Today I am sharing you free websites which provide very good resources for education ranging from regular subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, History to Website Development, Game Development, Cryptography etc. I have bookmarked these websites in past several years while wondering on internet. I hope this list will be helpful to many of our visitors.

Learners TV

Learners TV provides thousands of downloadable video lectures for free. You can watch the videos online and if you want to download then you can do that. The topics on which videos are on this site ranges from Political science to Hardcore Computer Science. Yes , they provide these free video lectures on so many subjects that everyone can benefit from them.


Coursera is provides a lot of online courses from leading universities like University of Virginia, Stanford university  for free. As of now, they are offering 217 free online courses. Topics ranges from Environmental Science, Cryptography, Maths and a lot more.


W3schools is a very famous and off-course free online tutorials for people looking for free online tutorial on web scripting. W3schools is useful for a professional web developer as well,  as it provides a quick reference for a lot of tags which we can’t remember quite quick. It has a lot of courses for web developers like php,, sql etc.


Codeacademy provides a lot of Intaractive tutorials for learning coding. The scripting languages covered are JavaScript, Python, HTML/CSS, Ruby on rails etc.


Learnstreet is again a website which is in it’s beta and provides tutorials for learning programming. The languages covered are javascript , python and ruby on rails.

MIT Open Courseware

This website provides a lot of free course from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Some of the courses are translated in some other languages like Chinese, Korean, Spanish etc. It contains video lectures and a lot of books available for free.


This contains a lot of eduational videos which are available online for free and yes, you  can download these videos as well if you want to keep them in your hard drive.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a collection of thousands of free ebooks. You may find some course text books as well for free here. Yes you can download them too.

This is a very small list if we talk about free resources for self study or for some of us who can not afford a regular course but want to study. If you will Google a bit, you will find a lot of other free resources. If you want to make this list a bit longer, you can provide the link to some other free educational websites which are really good in comments. Let’s make the world a better place to leave and a more open and free web.