Browsers and Search Redirect Hijack Fix

final  This tutorial is intended to resolve the browser hijack issue in which all your websites or sometimes Google search results are redirect to some random scam pages. The first thing you have to try is to install and update Malwarebytes Antimalware and perform a computer scan using the same. If you get any infection please remove it and check if the issue is resolved, but if after scan you got nothing and the websites are still redirecting so please follow the below steps to fix the problem.

  • Download Combofix and save it to desktop.
  • Disable all your antivirus and other antispyware or security applications.
  • Install and run combofix by double clicking on the downloaded setup.
  • During the process combofix will check if Microsoft recovery console is installed or not in your computer and will install subsequently if it is not there. If prompted for the same please click on yes to allow the installation. You can have a look of the screenshots below.


  • Click Yes to continue scan.


  • After completion of the scan it will produce a log file.



  • Now to uninstall combofix pull up the run box by pressing windows+R key and type there  Combofix /Uninstall. Make sure to leave a single space between x and / . Follow the prompt windows you receive to uninstall Combofix. A small box will appear saying that combofix is uninstalled.
  • Now Download OTC (Old Timer Cleanit) on your desktop and run it. Please follow the screenshot below.


untitled (2)cr


  • Click on CleanUp button to initiate the process. After completion it will ask to reboot the computer click on yes and do not worry about it’s uninstallation as it will remove itself during the process.

untitled1 (2)2131

  That’s it and you are done. Please check and confirm that the issue is resolved. Hope this will help some of our visitors to remove the browser hijack which can not be removed using Malwarebytes and Hijack this kind of programs. Please let us know about your feedback.

  • Kashis

    Who ever you are, you are a genius. I ran every spam and virus program
    known to man and still could not fix the problem. No one else could help
    either. You are the best.

    Thank you

    • Your welcome, I am glad that the article helped you…..:-)

    • Your welcome, I am glad that article helped you in anyway…..:-)

    • Your welcome, I am glad that the article helped you in anyway…..:-)