Natural Ways To Prevent Hair Fall


Hair fall is a common problem that many people face these days. The reason for the same can be different for everyone. It even can be genetic. There are many ways natural ways we can prevent the hair fall. Today I am going to share you few of the Natural Ways to Prevent Hair fall.

Need a balanced diet:-The body needs different types of nutrients to promote healthy scalp and healthy hair growth. When suffering from hair loss, try to eat a well-balanced diet. Food such as beans, eggs, meat(beef,lamb), fish, poultry, turkey, chicken, oranges, lemon, sweet lime, berries, watermelon, palak, methi, tomatoes and potatoes these are main components that can help you get healthy and beautiful hair.

Keep your hair and scalp clean :- Always remember that unclean scalp can cause extreme hair fall and can even lead at different types of scalp infection. Try to wash your hair at least three times in a week, and those having extremely oily hair should wash their hair every alternate day with a gentle hair cleanser or shampoo to remove all accumulated dust, dirt, oil and bacterial build up. Keep it clean at all times to avoid hair fall due to unclean scalp and scalp infections.

Get a Hot Oil massage:- To prevent hair fall, you need to Take any hair oil and slightly heat it up so that it is warm. Now use this oil to gently massage your scalp in circular motion with the help of your fingertips and massage your scalp for 15-30 minutes. Leave the oil overnight to work better. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo in the morning.

Yoga and meditation:-Yoga will help enhance circulation of blood in the scalp, improve digestion and reduce anxiety and stress too. When you exercise on a regular basis, it encourages better blood circulation to the body as well as to your scalp. So try these simple yoga asanas Balayam Yoga, Kapalbhati Pranayam, Shirshasana, Ustrasana. If practiced with punctuality will give you the much desirable long and healthy hair.

Foods to Avoid :- Unhealthy lifestyle, eating junk, drinking and Smoking and all these unhealthy habits leads to hair loss due to high level of toxins in the body. So, start drinking lots and lots of water.

Here are a few herbal homemade pack you can try at home for preventions of hair loss.

  •  Make a hair pack by mixing amla powder with one egg. Apply it to your hair and leave for half an hour. Wash hair.
  •  Remove the split ends of hair so Trim your hair as frequently as necessary.
  •  Massage the scalp with green amla Juice twist in a week. This will stop further hair loss.
  • Mix amla, reetha and shikakai powder add egg and make it a paste. Apply this on scalp and after 25 min wash it off with a mild shampoo. Weekly use it for one month minimum.
  • Boil 1 cup mustard oil with 4 tablespoon henna and reetha leaves. Filter it and massage on the scalp regularly.
  • Mix honey and egg yolk part and massage the scalp after 30 min wash it with shampoo.
  • Mix henna, egg whites and curd apply it to your hair and leave for half an hour.  stops hair fall.

  • Laxmi

    Thank you so much for this.I am definitely going to incorporate a lot of the foods you said,
    especially the kale & nutritional yeast fish, poultry, turkey, chicken, oranges, lemon, sweet lime, berries, watermelon, palak, methi. I hope my hair thickens up soon!

  • Pooja

    Thank you so much for all the information you share. I am so grateful to
    have found your website and learn so much about hair fall.

  • Saurabh

    I love this!!!! I’ve always had really great hair, but lately it’s been very dry. Now I can clearly see why…..I like your herbal homemade pack, i will try…….:-)

  • Anujda

    This is great advice……It is nice to see that someone really care about this problem.

  • Amy

    After reading this I’m adding more nutritional east to my diet. Thanks so much for all the detailed info.