How to Crack a Job Interview-4

livehsHere is another article in the series of How to Crack a Job Interview. If you have any idea or want us to write on any problem you are facing in interview, please let us know by sending us the email . Please let us know your valuable feedback & suggestions by writing a mail @ [email protected] . This article is about another important question asked in Interview about leaving your last company.

Question Number 3. : Why are you looking for job change ?

Our Answer : This is a very important question which interviewer asks to check your stability. If you are already in a good organisation then it is again a kind of tricky question to answer.

Positive reply: Looking for growth & career, looking for better opportunity, salary growth and so many reasons.

Negative reply:– No salary, salary not in time, no support from management & internal issue from boss .

As said already, by asking this question, employer wants to check how productive & stable you are when it comes to job or work.

Tips for best answer:

  • If your profile doesn’t have stability issue and if you have been working for a long time in this organization you may tell them that you need good project for future and more responsibility in terms of the position you are looking for.
  • If you are in night shift this is a valid point to mention. Irrelevant project is again a valid point or mention that your project is about to complete & you don’t want to go to bench.
  • Looking for international project or onsite opportunities.
  • Looking for more technical task as you did before ,currently you are more in to functional task , you can give this reason if there is a stability issue in you profile.
  • Don’t worry if you have changed too many organization, you can let them know you were on contractual position or third party payroll , they were not having any project on the skill you were working.
  • If there is merger or takeover in your organization you are in win-win situation
  • Job role was not as per your interview discussion with HR.

Make sure that you give logical and positive reason while answering this question as employer is checking your stability in an organisation.

  • Manish Kumar

    In interview I faced question regarding my career goal as personal and
    professional so what answer is perfect for this question because
    according time , circumstances your need and goal will be change .at the
    time of interview when I answered this question ,it’s look like fake
    answer interviewer so please help me for same