Make Colorful Balloon Bracelets

1As we wrote a balloon DIY stuff few days back, one of our regular reader come up with this do it yourself balloon bracelets trick. Using this you can create a really beautiful bracelets using what ??????  yes you read it right, using balloons.


You will be needing :

-Some small balloons
– Thin elastic

I got them all, what next :

Cut the balloons into strips and remove the top part (the thick rubber band like strip). You can take mix colors or single colors balloons wihch you want to have in your bracelet.


Now take elastic according to your hand’s measurement.  Stick  one end of the elastic to your desk using cello tape and start putting the balloon pieces in elastic one by one. Keep filling them with more balloon pieces to fill the elastic completely.


Remove the tape from the other end of the elastic and tie both end. Trim the knot with scissors and push balloon over the knots so that it doesn’t show up. That’s it you are done with your lovely and beautiful balloon bracelet.

Hold your horses, you remember, in the beginning I asked you to cut the top part of the balloons. You can use them too to make another bracelet. Use the same process mentioned above with the cut pieces and you can make another bracelet using them.


About the author:

We have received this article from one of our regular visitor from LA, Ms. Amy Wise. She loves to read DIY stuffs on internet and clicking images of birds in her Garden.