Livetricks was started back in 2007 as a small blog to share the knowledge and provide a small knowledge base to users ranging from bloggers, gamers to hardcore developers and cyber researchers . The journey through these years was beautiful and off course enjoyable. We won a few awards like the Best blog in terms of design  in World Media Awards. The platform has changed, the logo has changed but there is something which isn’t changed with time and that is our theme, our motto, and we promise , we will never change our motto and so makes us not to change the theme which is make the content so easy to understand that even a newbie can understand it.

  • Suraj Verma

    Suraj Verma


    Suraj Verma is a New Delhi, India based, tech blogger and experimental tech entrepreneur. His interests lies in technology, gadgets, security and impact of these on a common man. This blog of him is intended for everyone, from the newbies for technology and the ones with hardcore experience in the field. We would love to hear your feedback/suggestions regarding the blog, ideas or if you just want to say hi.