WhatsApp for iOS Gets New Features in Recent Update

WhatsApp for iOS Gets New Features in Recent Update

In recent update on iOS, WhatsApp introduced 3 new interesting features, which in coming days may come to Android as well. WhatsApp for iOS now create automatic photo albums, allows users to add filter to all kind of visual media and a new shortcut for replying to a message.

Color Filters for Photos

To add the filter just click or select a photo, video or GIF, and swipe up and you can add the filters to your media. These filters can be added to individual as well as group chats. As of now only 5 filters are available to choose from, but WhatsApp may add more filters in coming updates.

Automatic Albums

Whenever you send or receive multiple (4 or more) photos from same sender in a row, they will automatically be grouped to form an album, to expand, you just need to click on any one of them. This feature will remove the long scrolling and will save some chat space.


New Reply Shortcut

Now you can reply to particular message by just swiping the text to the right. This feature will help someone specially in group chats.

At present these features are available only for iOS users and there is no official word from WhatsApp about the release of there features on other platforms.

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